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What is a CMA or Home Evaluation?

One of the many benefits of working with a professional REALTOR® to sell your home is our ability to provide you with a ‘Comparative Market Analysis’ or CMA. A CMA allows us to ensure that we are pricing your home competitively and at the highest price that the market will bear.

The CMA is made up of three areas with homes comparable to yours. Homes that are for sale right now, homes that recently sold and homes that did not sell. When we review homes in these categories, we see trends that help us to properly price your home.

Homes that are similar to yours and are currently for sale gives us a good idea of the homes serious buyers will be seeing.

Homes that recently sold give us a good indication of what the market will bear, and allows us to see trends in increases or decreases of sales price.

Lastly, looking at homes that failed to sell tells us what price is too high for buyers to pay.

I include a CMA specifically for you. The information that I will provide you will give you the best possible chance at selling your home for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time.

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