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7 Ways to Save Water

With water running short all over the place (just take a look at California) it is a great idea to start to do our parts in conserving as we can. Water bills are increasing 8% or more a year, so saving water inside, or outside the house is like money in the bank.

1. Change the shower head – it can make a huge difference and doesn’t require a plumber
2. Switch to a high-efficiency faucet – water-saving faucets maintain pressure while using less water. Electronic faucets that automatically turn on and off conserve even more water.
3. Install a high-efficiency toilet – Bathrooms use more water than any other room, and older toilets can consume 13 litres or more per flush.
4. Upgrade the dishwasher – Its the kitchens biggest water drain but uses less water than hand washing.
5. Update the washing machine – Energy star rated washers save up to 50% on water usage.
6. Next summer, use a drip hose and timer – sprinklers lose water to evaporation, while soaker hoses deliver moisture slowly to a plants roots.
7. Plant a drought-tolerant garden – Choose low maintenance varieties like Black-eyed Susan, Daylilies, Shasta Daisies, and Peonies.

– Rod

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