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Abbotsford condo and townhome sales down dramatically

Abbotsford condo and townhome sales took a very large drop in March 2011. There were 66 sales in the month of February 2011. We witnessed a decline to 41 total units sold in March to date. Compared to the numbers from 2010 were are seeing a serious decline in Abbotsford townhome and condo sales. February 2010 was very active in the strata unit sector with 71 total sales, while in March 2010 there were 106 Abbotsford townhomes and Abbotsford condos sold.

What do all these numbers mean? Well, if you are thinking of Buying or Selling your Abbotsford condo or townhome this will tell you that as a Buyer you need to be picky and push hard for a good price and as a seller you need to ensure that you are pricing your property according to market value if you intend to sell versus just having it appear on the MLS.

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