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Abbotsford real estate market over the last month

The Abbotsford real estate market has been very slow in the last month. There have been 39 sales in October 2012. Over the same period last year there double that amount. The average list price to sale price last year was $470,000 (LP) to a $426,000 (SP). This year the prices are substantially higher at $505,000 (LP) and $486,00o (SP).

There have been 24 strata sales in the previous month compared to 61 sales over the same period in 2o11. The prices are the opposite of the homes for the same period. The strata prices have dropped by $20,000 over the same time period where in the single family homes the prices rose dramatically. This could be due to the high volume of selection for strata properties.

It definitely feels slower, but there are still solds signs popping up. It could be the weather shock we have just experienced as well… 2 months of sign into steady rain takes its toll (<- in jest). If you want to know more details about the current Abbotsford real estate market give me a call.

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