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The Real Estate Market has Shifted, Let me Help.

Yes, over the past months, the real estate market has changed. Interest rates have jumped and that’s had a hit on some buying activity. Prices have stopped peaking to new highs almost daily. But the market hasn’t crashed. With less “froth in the market” sellers are looking for ways to make their homes stand out and buyers are taking more

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Cleaning Sliding Door Tracks

During the messy winter season, you may have found dirt building up in the sliding door tracks. One of lite first spring cleaning chores is to get the sliders opening and closing smoothly. Start by using the crevice tool on your vacuum to remove loose grime. After vacuuming, mix a solution of tows cups warm water, one teaspoon dishwashing liquid

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Furnace Filters – Know the MERV

As the season changes, it’s likely time for a furnace filter change as well. One reason for a furnace filter is to protect the blower fan from dust and other gunk the return air duct pulls into the furnace unit. More important is that the filter manages the air quality inside your home as it removes contaminants from the air

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Market Update March 25, 2021

There were 54 new listings added to the MLS for the Fraser Valley yesterday. There were 27 sold listings yesterday in the Fraser Valley on the MLS. 13 properties adjusted their price yesterday. Twice as many listings as sales should be good for some of those trying to write offers in the last little bit.