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How to get rid of fruit flies

Posted on: June 2nd,2015 By Realtor

Every year at certain times I will visit a person(s) home who is getting ready to sell. There, in the kitchen, are these pesky little fruit flies. When these pests invade your living space don’t use expensive toxic pesticide traps.

Try this easy tip:

-Pour some brandy or wine into a bottle.
-curve a piece of paper into a cone.
-put the small end of the cone into the bottle.
The flies enter through the cone, but when it comes to exiting the bottle, they have trouble navigating out of the small opening.

I am not sure why it works, but it does.

Connected Wireless Smoke Alarms – Whole Home Protection

Posted on: May 30th,2015 By Realtor

Regular smoke alarms work independently of one another, which means that only one sounds when it is directly exposed to smoke, but the other smoke alarms in the home remain quiet until they sense smoke (those could be vital minutes). Now there’s a battery-powered smoke alarm made by Kidde, with built-in wireless technology that connects all the alarms in a home for added safety.

7 Ways to Save Water

Posted on: May 25th,2015 By Realtor

With water running short all over the place (just take a look at California) it is a great idea to start to do our parts in conserving as we can. Water bills are increasing 8% or more a year, so saving water inside, or outside the house is like money in the bank.

1. Change the shower head – it can make a huge difference and doesn’t require a plumber
2. Switch to a high-efficiency faucet – water-saving faucets maintain pressure while using less water. Electronic faucets that automatically turn on and off conserve even more water.
3. Install a high-efficiency toilet – Bathrooms use more water than any other room, and older toilets can consume 13 litres or more per flush.
4. Upgrade the dishwasher – Its the kitchens biggest water drain but uses less water than hand washing.
5. Update the washing machine – Energy star rated washers save up to 50% on water usage.
6. Next summer, use a drip hose and timer – sprinklers lose water to evaporation, while soaker hoses deliver moisture slowly to a plants roots.
7. Plant a drought-tolerant garden – Choose low maintenance varieties like Black-eyed Susan, Daylilies, Shasta Daisies, and Peonies.

– Rod

Rejuvenating Indoor Plants

Posted on: May 18th,2015 By Realtor

Houseplants can benefit from being outside for the summer, but getting them acclimated to the outdoors should begin when it’s still a bit cool. Start your plants in a shady area when you first move them outside, and move them gradually from low light to bright light over 10 days, so the leaves don’t get burnt. Bring them inside on cold nights or windy days to prevent damage.

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