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Challenging Property Assessment Does Work

I received a call from a very grateful client today. Without going into names or addresses, I will let you know a little about the situation and what the result was. This client phoned me earlier this year to ask me a few questions about their Abbotsford Tax Assessment. I was more than happy to listen to their questions, which quickly turned to frustration for the client.

Their home had been assessed at close to 25% over what the other homes, and the real estate market said his home should be worth. To make sure we covered all things, I provided the homeowner with a Free Abbotsford Home Evaluation so they could be comfortable with my expertise.

When I provided them with their CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) I was stunned to see what the appraiser for the city said were comparables to their home. Property know where close to their own. Different styles of houses, better areas, amazing views, newer homes and houses with suites.

My client appealed their assessment and were initially declined. They continued their journey to a fair tax assessment and appealed the first dismissal. They were rewarded for their efforts.

Their tax assessment was reduced by nearly 25%. They are now in an accurate price point for tax.

They saved nearly $1000 dollars this year in taxes and it cost them around $30 and the time to appeal.

Please do not hesitate to call or email me regarding your tax assessment if you feel it is not accurate.

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