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Early Reports – HST extinguished in BC

There are a lot of rumours and reports making the rounds that the people of the Province of BC have voted to officially extinguish the HST, returning to a PST and GST system instead. While I was at the point of caring less, I am once again furious with the Liberals in BC. This tax was actually a good idea for BC in its initial concept. But the delivery, the forcing it down our throats without any sort of public conversation, the lying about it pre and post election (ahem, Mr Campbell) has resulted in what will likely be 2 more years (on top of the two years already wasted) of cleaning up a mess.

People of BC will pay, again, dearly for the Liberals and their mess. Hopefully some of the businesses that suffered from the HST (including real estate) will go back to normal and we can put these 2 dark years behind us.

Note to politicians, when your province is coming out of one of the worst economic down turns in history, DON’T implement a new tax by ramming it down our throats and telling us it will be a good thing. Once again, while I agreed with the combined tax the entire process of implementation has been nothing short of a disaster…

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