Landmark Realty Corp. is the bar by which all other real estate offices in Abbotsford are measured.

There are currently over 100 real estate professionals serving their clients needs from within the Landmark Realty Corp. office. Landmark Realty Corp. offers an amazing network of agents and many people who are moving from one city to another are kept in good hands as a result of our ability to network.

Landmark Realty Corp. is also at the front of the pack when it comes to real estate technology. Often employing systems well in advance of other offices nationwide gives clients who choose to work with Landmark Realty Corp. agents an advantage right out of the gate. Internet listing searches, free online home evaluations, and VIP Buyer Programs to name a few.

When considering who to work with in the Abbotsford area, please feel free to use this website as a resource to assist in your decision.