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New BC Strata Age Restriction Rules

Previous to March 2009, the only legally enforceable age restriction in stratified condo/townhomes in Abbotsford had been the 55+ age restrictions. In a building that was previously 19+ or 30+ etc… they were not legally enforceable and often stratas had to fine owners who did not follow. The stories of stratas causing trouble with owners are too numerous to name, but a few examples are constant fines, liens on title and other sorts of trouble.

All that has changed now. They are now legally enforceable.

If you are 30 years old and your partner is 28 and you are trying to by into a strata building that has a 30+ age restriction, you no longer are legally allowed to do so without expressed written consent by the strata corporation. Permission to do so would likely require a vote by the strata.

Please ensure your Abbotsford Realtor knows the all the age restrictions and rules pertaining to age restricted buildings in Abbotsford.

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