No-Slip Steps or Roll Out the Traction?

If you don’t want to use salt or a chemical ice-melter, there are other ways to reduce the danger of slipping and falling on icy steps and slick walkways.

1. Secure Step prevents slipping. The recycled rubber slab absorb heat from the sun melting snow and ice. They are approx. $7 each and available at most local home improvement locations.

2. Roll out a No-Slip Ice Carpet. It’s a natural fiber outdoor runner that sticks to the moisture in the ice and snow for a no slip path. A 10ft long by 30 in. wide carpet is $130 dollars on

3. Looking for a long term solutions? HeatTrak’s Snow-Melting mats prevent snow and ice accumulation on the walkways and stairs. Made of thermoplastic material with heating coils, the mats plug in to a standard electrical outlet and are designed to left outside all winder long. A 10in. by 30in. snow melting stair mat is $115 on

Check out HeatTrak to find out more.

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