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Looking at the past trends for real estate investment shows that over the long-term real estate has appreciated at an average rate of roughly 4% to 6% a year – most often beating the inflation rate. The real power real estate offers is the benefit of leverage. For example, with a $100,000 down payment on a S600,000 home, if the

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Statistics Canada is modifying the consumer price index basket.

Tracking shifts in purchasing patterns help policymakers better understand how and where inflation is affecting consumers (currently EVERYWHERE). The CPI, and what we read about inflation are based on a fixed basket of goods and services designed according to international standards and methods. Stats Canada will update the Consumer Price Index (CPI) basket of goods it used to introduce the

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Are Housing Markets Settling into a New Normal?

Headlines are meant to be dramatic. But let’s take a wider look and see where we are today, compared to where we’ve come from. Record-shattering real estate market statistics of recent times have been in some ways an anomaly, fueled by low-interest rates and pandemic-era market constrictions. As first-round pandemic restrictions eased, pent-up buyer demand created an almost frantic market

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Rising Prices Continue to Dominate Headlines

Inflation is impacting almost everything and everyone, almost everywhere. Forecasters predict that the global economy is trending toward stable growth. Even as a commodity prices continue trending higher, economies are transitioning to a post-pandemic fiscal and monetary policies. However, the conflict overseas will likely complicate Central Bank decisions as higher energy prices may interfere to sustain inflation. But is higher

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Just Listed – Abbotsford Development Property – 34040 Maclure

Development Potential! Nearly 1 acre parcel with highest and best likely being RM30 or RM45 with the acquisition of the neighbouring parcels. Neighbouring properties are known to want to sell (to a total of just over 11 acres). For more information visit: Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.