What is 2-5-10 Warranty?

Almost everyday I get asked “What is 2 5 10 warranty?The 2 5 10 year warranty was developed as a minimum home warranty insurance for new home construction not being built by the home owner themselves.

The 2 year portion covers the labour and materials of the home (some limitations apply). In general, this includes electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning etc…

The 5 year portion covers the building envelope including unintended water penetration.

The 10 year portion covers the structure of the home.

Regulations introducing a Notice to Mediate process for parties involved in residential construction disputes were introduced in May 1999. The process provides parties to residential construction disputes with an effective and less costly dispute resolution process.

The Notice to Mediate process can be used in any Supreme Court action involving a residential construction dispute, no matter when the action was commenced. However, delivery of the Notice to Mediate must take place no later than 180 days before the trail date.

Any party to a Supreme Court action involving a residential construction dispute can initiate mediation by delivering a Notice to Mediate form to every other party to the action and the Dispute Resolution Office in the Ministry of Attorney General.

Copies of the Notice to Mediate (Residential Construction) Regulations enacted by the Homeowner Protection Act can be obtained by contacting Crown Publications at phone 250-386-4636; fax 250-386-0221 or on this http://tinyurl.com/2-5-10-warranty-info