Why use a REALTOR®?

What are the benefits of selling with a REALTOR®?

There are countless benefits to utilizing the professional advice of a Real Estate Agent. The sale of real estate is a complex business with many factors to consider. A professional REALTOR® comes with the experience and knowledge to deal effectively with these often complex and intimidating details. An Agent’s resources, contacts and skill are critical in guiding you smoothly through the process of selling your home.

Setting a Price – Equipped with MLS(r) data and prior knowledge, a REALTOR® is able to set a fair and accurate price for your home, maximizing the likelihood of serious offers, while minimizing the amount of time to get them.

Getting Buyers to Notice – A Real Estate Agent is also able to offer many suggestions for marketing your home. These may include repairs to the outside or inside of your home, or suggestions to ensure that your home looks its best.

One of the greatest benefits of using a REALTOR® is the wide open exposure to potential buyers. An Open House, flyers, posters are just a start – a REALTOR® is able to call on an extensive list of contacts to get the word out about your home. An Agent’s knowledge of the market will dictate how much advertising is necessary and when to stop. Saturating the market with ads may only advertise desperation.

Additionally, through the Multiple Listing Service or MLS(r), a REALTOR® can effectively advertise your property to the thousands of buyers who look for homes first on the Internet via www.mls.ca

Bringing Strangers into Your Home – Another excellent benefit of using a professional REALTOR® is that you know someone responsible is taking care of the strangers that enter your home. Because potential buyers will be screened through the agency, you don’t have to worry about security or discretion when you use a REALTOR®.

Closing the Deal – Negotiating can be a very emotional undertaking and one that many people are only too happy to give away. A professional knows how to close the deal with your best interests in mind, but is able to remain emotionally detached – a situation that is often much more comfortable for the buyer and you.

After the Sale Details – When your home is sold on paper there are still many details that must be dealt with. From inspection to appraisal to financing, a REALTOR® is equipped with the skills and experience to side-step minefields and gets you involved only when you have to be. A REALTOR® can even be the go-between for tradespeople or specialists that may be required for last minute repairs that need to be completed before closing.