Considering a New Fridge?

The refrigerator is typically the most used appliance in a home. As you prepare to purchase, consider:

Energy consumption: A refrigerator can account for up to 15% of a home’s electricity bill. Choose an ENERGY STAR certified appliance, rated at 46 kWh or less per year.

Available space: Measure… and then measure again to avoid an unpleasant surprise when it comes to installation day.

Electrical connection: Make sure there’s an outlet where you plan to install the fridge. Using an extension cord is not a proper option.

Water connection: Refrigerators with ice makers and filtered water need a water supply.

Distance from over dishwasher: Any other nearby source of heat can add to the fridge’s energy consumption. The temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the refrigerator has a dire impact on electricity usage.

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