The of a purse or wallet is infuriating. And it’s aggravating and time-consuming to replace all the cards and documents To limit hassle, avoid carrying.

Too Many Credit Cards. The more cards, the more you’ll have to cancel. Try not to carry more than two – one for personal use and one for business.

Debit Cards. While convenient to use instead of cash, a stolen debit card puts your money and your bank account at risk.

Social Insurance Number. It’s not something you regularly need but a fraudster can easily use that number to impersonate you.

Cheques. If you know you have to write a cheque, take only one. And never carry a signed blank cheque.

Gas Station & ATM Deposit Receipts. Even items considered scrap paper by most people, have bits of usable information. such as the
last four digits of your credit card or debit card. These could be used to piece together your banking information for nefarious purposes by thieves.

Car Ownership Certificate. Thieves could use your vehicle permit and insurance certificate to commit fraud, spoof your
identity and even re-register the vehicle in someone else’s name.

Keep the ownership certificate locked in the car instead and keep photocopies in a secure place inside of the car

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