Cameron and Willow Boon

I am writing this Testimonial on behalf of Rod Friesen of Landmark Realty and Associates. In September of 2013 my wife and I decided that we were going to enter the real estate market of the lower mainland with hopes of buying a condo unit that was affordable, close to all amenities and pet friendly. We had a specific unit style in mind for condo living that included an open concept that was not necessarily renovated but not outdated either.
After surfing the MLS pages for some time we decided it was finally time to find a realtor, someone familiar with Langley and the Fraser Valley and was willing to find us the home that could accommodate our needs. After a few potential candidates that didn’t really understand that they were “needs” not “wants,” in terms of our search, we decided to settle with our gut feelings and chose Rod Friesen of Landmark Realty. Rod proved to be a very talented individual as he consistently found us potential condominiums that were in our specific area boundaries and accommodated our basic needs and requirements.
As the search for the condo continued, Rod suggested that we might actually benefit long term if we broadened our search to include Townhouses in the same area and he would locate some potential properties within the area. The very same afternoon, Rod had emailed us a selection of potential Townhomes that easily fit within our guidelines and re-invigorated our efforts to find the unit for us, the search was narrowing. After many, many, many appointments Rod kept his composure and never wavered, he was prompt and professional and he was adamant on finding us OUR PLACE. This is a true Testament to someone who enjoys their work, who is passionate about truly helping his clients find solace and the place they wish to call home.
They day finally came when after much deliberation and decision making we finally came to a conclusion in our quest for the perfect pad, Rod had found us a townhouse that checked off our “list” of requirements from pets to pantry, a place that would suit us and our potential purchaser 10 years down the road. I would highly recommend Rod Friesen in any real estate transaction as he is hardworking, honest, and reliable as well as a realistic and truly a professional real estate agent that I will absolutely be using in the future. Sincerely, Cameron and Willow Boon

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