The Invasive Sponge Moth

Sponge Moths are an Invasive Insect not native to North America. This type of moth’s caterpillars’ feed primarily on the leaves of deciduous trees.

You may have noticed them as you walk through the neighbourhood. They’re a very damaging pest that invades hardwood forests and urban landscapes. A single Sponge Moth caterpillar can eat an average of one square metre of leaf material over its lifespan with the species defoliating roughly a million forested acres each year.

To keep caterpillars from destroying your trees, tie burlap around the tree trunks, and fold it to create a pocket that will trap caterpillars on the way up, plus, apply a Tree Tanglefoot Insect barrier. This super-sticky, non-drying compound makes it Impossible for Sponge Moth caterpillars and other crawling insects to climb into your trees Check out:

If you see Sponge Moth caterpillars in your trees, head to your local garden centre and get an insecticidal spray. Be sure to choose an option that is non-toxic to honeybees and other beneficial insects. “Natural” pesticides have fewer harmful side effects than synthetic chemicals and bilo-degrade more quickly, so they have less impact on the overall environment.

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