When Was the Last Time You Thought About the Garage Door Opener?

When it’s working, it’s likely not something you’ve paid much attention to. However, your garage door opener is an integral part of your home s security system, especially if you can access your home directly from the garage.

If your home had one when you moved in, does it have the auto-reverse safety feature? Two sensors that detect when something blocks the beam, stopping the door from closing further and reversing it. It’s considered a must-have safety feature today.

Garage door openers have seen some exciting upgrades. If yours is getting out of date, you may want to consider an upgrade:

• Battery Backup: Keep your garage accessible during power outages.
• Belt Drive: Smoother and quieter operation than a chain drive.
• Better Lighting: Brighter and more energy-efficient LED lights.
• Motion Sensor: Automatically turns on lights when you enter the garage.
• SmartPhone Connectivity: Open & close. Plus, monitor activity remotely and even check if you ·ve left the garage door open accidentally so you can remotely close it.

Voice Control: Amazon Echo and Google Home ready.

Accessories: Some Next Gen garage door openers have add-on accessories like a fan, retractable tire inflator, retractable power cord, and garage security camera.

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